Become a Verified Content Creator on RumbleDecks

Are you a dedicated content creator for Warcraft Rumble? Elevate your presence on RumbleDecks by verifying your account today! Being a verified creator comes with a host of advantages:

  1. Unique Creator Badge: Your decks will be adorned with an exclusive creator badge, distinguishing your work from the rest.
  2. Featured on Homepage: Gain more visibility as your profile will be highlighted in the 'Creator' section of our homepage.
  3. Enhanced Deck Pages: A special widget showcasing your social media profiles will be integrated into the 'About' section of each of your decks, making it easier for fans to connect with you.
  4. Additional Benefits: Enjoy more perks that come with being a verified creator on our platform.

How to Get Your Badge

Follow the simple steps outlined below to verify your account and start enjoying the benefits of being a recognized content creator on RumbleDecks.

Enable Public Profile

Login to your account and enable your public profile. This will allow others to see your profile and decks.

Add Socials

Add Socials

Add your social media links to your profile. This will allow others to follow you on your social media accounts.

Add Socials

Post A Deck URL

Create a Deck and add a link to any social media post or video description. This will allow us to verify you are the creator of the deck.

Deck URL

Contact Us

Contact us with your deck URL by emailing below. We will review your profile and add the creator badge. Simple as that.

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